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Retail Agency

Customers change preferences and retailers change their strategies. But our commitment to provide leading retail real estate services is constant.

As a  global industry leader in the retail business, JLL  provides knowledge and experience inequality. Our experts provide general services for retail designed retail departments in 40 countries around the world, manage nearly 23 million square meters of retail space in over 600 buildings throughout the world. We acknowledge  that the offers in the retail and customer needs are always changing. That is why we offer a flexible plan customized that will allow together to achieve the full potential of your property.

Retail Intelligence is the smart application to deliver results for retailers, landlords, investors and developers. Change is coming, are you ready? Our insightful research and market insight prepares our client's for the challenges ahead. To discuss any aspect of th e retail market in more detail, we welcome you to contact us directly. 

Our clients call it better advice, better performance and better results. We call it Retail intelligence.