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Real Estate Investment

The lowest cost of capital and the best possible terms. Simple destination, complex journey.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Does it take a real estate expert and a financial expert to help you achieve the optimal capital structure for your asset? Yes – and yes. Our real estate investment banking professionals use their expertise in both areas to arrange debt or equity financing. The transaction that’s best suited to your asset may be complex, but it will always match your particular requirements.

You’ll benefit from our global “matchmaking” ability as we identify prequalified capital sources for you, then create competition for the best possible pricing and deal structure. Our experience in creating innovative solutions involving billions of dollars in financing begins working for you as soon as we become your advisor. We aren’t aligned with specific capital sources, so the advice you receive is as objective as it is sound. With relationships in every important money center in the world and a proprietary database of hundreds of lending and equity sources, we look where others cannot.

We talk the Wall Street talk as well as the talk of balance sheet lenders. Whether you need to quickly and confidently arrange acquisition financing, recapitalize your asset, refinance your portfolio, raise cash for your development or secure programmatic funding or seek loan sale advisory services, our bankers and advisors will put their cutting-edge expertise to work for you.​